Windigo First Nations Council

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Staff & Programs


Position Extension
Executive Staff
Frank McKay Council Chair/CEO 7707
Sadie Maxwell Director of Operations 7702
Myrna Quedent Finance Manager 7704
Administrative Staff
Reception Kyrsten Quedent 7799
Crystal Hudson Office Assistant 7743
Amanda Mekanak Health Assistant 7734
Finance Clerk Dorothy Singleton 7701
Technical Unit
Jonathan Salo, P.Eng. Interim Technical Unit Supervisor 7710
Melvin Jose Jr Project Manager 7715
Breann Morgan Project Coordinator 7719
Keith Lawrance Housing Inspector/Advisor 7714
Richard Habinski, P.Eng. Watay/Contract 7711
Water Operations and Fire Safety
Robert Popovic, C.E.T. Director 7712
Tom Sayers Water Hub ORO 7713
Jethro Tait Health Director 7745
Patty Everson H&CC Nurse Manager 7741
Elena Chapman Regional / Crisis Intervention Worker 7743
Gordon Beardy Mental Wellness Team Project Coordinator 7733
Shelby Bamford Mental Health Program Counsellor 7783
Samantha Prevett Mental Health Program Counsellor 7785
Tom Singleton Mental Health Program Assistant 7786
Peter Shebagabow Mental Health Program Traditional Wellness Lead 7785
Resource Development
Raymond Beardy Economic Development / Business Advisor 7742
John Kamenawatamin Musselwhite Coordinator 7744
Edna Quequish (part-time) Musselwhite Implementation Officer Reception
Wilfred Wesley (part-time) Musselwhite Implementation Officer Reception
Windigo Education
Pamela Hardy Interim Operation Manager 7784
Russell Wesley Education Liaison 7732
Jody McNeilly Interim Education Director 7782
Rachelle Ningewance Education Assistant 7721
Brenden Mawakeesick Student Support Worker 7730
Rachel Butler Active Wellness Program - WINKS 7781
Windigo Community Development Corp
Debbie Korobanik WCDC Manager 7705
Annette Loon WCDC Administrative Assistant 7731